“I never went to film school; I went to films.”


We come from a long line of people who had no choice but to make it work: Scandinavian farmers who carved wheat fields out of fjords and homesteaders who made a go of it in the shadow of the North Cascades.

Norse Creative wasn’t birthed from an in-house agency or design school cohort. It was founded by a guy in a no-name town in the mountains of Washington State who had a knack for telling stories, loved design and wanted to have a say in the direction his life was going. His training ground was real clients and real startups – real jobs right out of the gate. Trial by fire. And it worked because it had to work.

Most of our clients come to us with similar stories: they’re quitting a promising career or emerging from the wreckage of a former job to start their own company, or they want to see if the idea they’ve had in their head for years might just be worth something. We come alongside them and create all the experiences and touching points they need to connect with their audience and create a vibrant culture within the story they’ve decided to start telling.

Make no mistake: you’ve got a story to tell – it’s why you’re here. It’s why you’re reading this. Our job is to help you tell it.



Ron Skylstad


After 15 years in the non-profit sector helping several organizations find their voice and connect with their audiences, Ron formed Norse Creative out of a desire to help brands and organizations raise the bars they set for themselves. Understanding that people ultimately long to be part of an experience, he crafts brands with multiple layers of nuance and detail, enriching the sense of connection an audience feels when they encounter it.

Completely self taught, Ron pulls from a lifetime of observations and influence for brand creation. His ability to work across multiple disciplines allows him to bring a holistic perspective and diverse set of skills to every project and to consider the multitude number of ways a brand's persona should be applied in any given application or medium.