In earlier days, Norse referred to those who spoke the old language, the ones who knew the old stories and used the old words to tell them.

Even though we live in an age defined by pixel-widths and mobile devices, we are still as human as we’ve ever been, and we still feel a deep resonance with traditional technologies and well told stories. We understand these basic truths and incorporate authentic elements and energies into our designs, resulting in brand ecosystems that feel authentic and connective.

Norse also refers to our Scandinavian heritage and resulting design style: clean and simple lines, a sense of minimalism and functionality without sacrificing beauty, and a deep value for nature and the outdoors.



Ron Skylstad

Founder, Lead Designer & Strategist

After 15 years in the non-profit sector helping several organizations find their voice and connect with their audiences, Ron formed NORSE Creative out of a desire to help brands and organizations raise the bars they set for themselves. Understanding that people ultimately long to be part of an experience, he crafts brands with multiple layers of nuance and detail, enriching the sense of connection an audience feels when they encounter it.

Ron’s ability to work across multiple disciplines allows him to bring a holistic perspective and diverse set of skills to every project, considering the multitude number of ways a brand's persona should be applied in any given application or medium.