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Identity / Label Design / Website Design

Silvara Cellars is a boutique winery in the heart of Washington State. Having been in business for 10 years, they realized their branding worked, but hadn’t resulted in connecting with their audience as much as they had hoped. What initially began with a meeting about a couple promotional posters soon evolved into an entire rebrand of the company, from the logo to the labels to the wine club.

Pulling on the origin of the name (which in Latin means “of the forest”) we designed an identity emblazoned with a native wildflower from the Pacific Northwest forests. From there we incorporated a narrative and visual elements that spoke of small-batch, handcrafted and heritage. Blending elements of botany, natural history and an old-fashioned sense of rugged individualism, we reshaped Silvara’s voice and look.

The positive response from the public upon launch was immediate.